• May1016


    We arrived in Fiji a month ago armed with school supplies and vast quantities of clothes we collected in New Zealand. We donated the supplies to two remote villages in the Yasawas which had been had been hammered by Hurricane Winston. The people were overwhelmed and very grateful.Fijians are by far the friendliest, happiest people we have ever met! No matter how desperate their circumstance they rally with a big smile! They are warm, welcoming folk who love to share and laugh. We have had many of them aboard and have been invited to many of their homes.

  • Jul.2012


    We have arrived in beautiful Moorea! The place in the world that broke my heart to leave 15 years ago. We were welcomed back so warmly particularly by our beloved Chinese friend and family in Cooks Bay. They have adopted us again into their family and we are overwhelmed.

    We're off to Bora Bora soon for a traditional festival with pirogue racing, javelin throwing, traditional dancing ,yukele competitions and on and on. These islands are steeped in tradition. We hear yukele music wafting across the bay in Cooks Bay sometimes all night. Canoe racing is an important sport and the Tahitians are the best in the world. We see endless Polynesians out practicing in their pirogues every day! We've already been invited to one spectacular dance performance which took place outdoors against a dramatic backdrop of Tahitian huts set amongst coconut palms at the base of a massive mountain.

    MOOREA and French Polynesia – June 2012 – December 2014

    Moorea will hold a magic spell over us forever. The most scenically striking island we have ever seen. We love the people, the ukulele music and dancers, the translucent lagoon, the mythical mountain peaks, the frangipani and beautiful girls with exotic flower lays….​

  • May2012


    We spent another magical month in the Tuamotus and anchored in two fabulous Atolls. Went diving for fish at night, fishing in the dingy during the day, collected lobster on the reef by moonlight, and enjoyed village life with the locals, a far cry from anywhere in the Caribbean! Life is so simple without cars or internet,crowds or pollution. The fish a thick you can fill a barrel in a matter of a couple of hours hand lining! Town consisted of a post office that opened for three hours a day, a 'travel agent' that opened twice a week for three hours and a grocery store about the size of my galley!
    Everyone goes around on tricycles! The people work or dive for the pearl farms ,which are generally small family enterprises, or fish or harvest copra. A supply boat arrives from Tahiti once or sometimes twice a week and everyone gathers on their tricycles to collect their stores! Its quite a scene! We enjoyed life here so much that we will try and return if we have enough time.

    We came over to Tahiti today for the clearance formalities. What a lot of red tape, rules and regulations they have regarding staying for extended periods of time.

  • Apr.15


    Another great 23 day trip to the Marquesas where we spent a month. The Marquesas are indescribably beautiful, rugged, lush volcanoes. The anchorages are deep and unprotected but majestic! You just stare in awe at the beauty all around. Life is basic, simple and stress free! The villages are tiny and everyone is friendly! People welcomed us into their homes,plied us with fruit and spent hours chatting and showing us around. We made great friends and hopefully will catch up with them when they come to Tahiti during the year.

  • Mar2012


    All in all, we have had a great time since we left the Caribbean. It was so exciting to set off from Panama on the first leg of the voyage to the Galapagos as it turned out. We had not intended to stop there as the charges have become prohibitively expensive and we had been there with the children the last time round. But we developed a steering problem and pleaded for time and they granted us five days! Doug repaired the problem the first day, which left us four days to cruise around and enjoy the the abundant sea and bird life with an old friend of ours who lives there!

  • Dec.15


    The highlight of our trip so far...the romantic city of Cartagena! HOT during the day, and the anchorage water was black, but but the old city made up for all that! It was simply incredeeblay!!!.... Beautiful old buildings, street artists, cafe's, fine restaurants, cobblestoned streets, horse drawn carriages, stunning hookers ..vibrant salsa bars,wonderful dancers, great music ...What a show!

  • Nov15


    We spent longer than intended in Curacao. Chris, a wonderful crew member, met up with us there for a short stint and he proved invaluable when an inverter burned out and damaged the fridge and freezer.
    No details needed, but the problems were resolved and we escaped once all was well. We did enjoy the colourful town of Willemstad.

    Everyone's idea of paradise varies ...but for us,aboard Sindbad,Curacao does not qualify...! We happened upon a beautiful islet en route called Kleine Curcao and spent a few lovely days there enjoying the beauty and quietude...

  • Septemb.28

    Saint Vincent

    Yesterday, I went to Saint Vincent for the day with a friend and met up with another friend who lives there. While they accomplished a couple of things they had to do I did my usual market thing which I love. I can never resist fresh fruit and veg and always end up buying tons You'd think I was feeding an army!

    We had a brilliant afternoon driving round with Margo, seeing the island. I loved it so much. Saint Vincent is still virgin and local. Lots of tiny, tiny steep roads winding uphill ,no signposts anywhere, gorgeous vistas of lush vegetation, mountains and hills with pockets of green green pasture too, and healthy looking cows eating to their heart's content, food shacks scattered at random along the way with good local barbecue, nicely built houses nestling into the steep hillsides and a rugged beautiful windward coast with huge rollers crashing onto black sand beaches. Even the ferry ride back was super!

  • Septemb.23


    An unexpected 'golden egg' opportunity lured us back to St. Lucia for five wonderful days. We anchored under the majestic pinnacles of the Pitons, explored the island with some good friends and had a wonderful time. (see pictures)

  • August 16


    Bequia is a lovely place. We caught a fabulous marlin  on our way here and had a good fight getting him in but set him free as he was far too big for us. Stunning colours but impossible to get a photograph as he leaped all over the place.  Doug is in much better spirits already as the haul out fades from his memory. Life is good! 

  • August15


    We're just waiting for the weather to settle down and we"ll leave for Bequia where we will stay put (if there are no hurricane threats) for a good few weeks to come. We have a list of projects to accomplish while there, and we have a good few friends there too so we'll have some fun. (see pictures)

  • August 14


    As we set off from Nevis at the crack of dawn on Thursday the fact that we are on our way really hit me. We had a glorious trip for the first twenty hours but then things changed. The weather got progressively wilder through the night and by morning, the channel between Dominica and Martinique was a frothy mess. We beat our way down the coast of Martinique through big seas and were so happy to pull in to the quiet anchorage of Fort de France at midday. Slept like the dead after a delicious lunch of Mahi Mahi, which we had caught along the coast! I love Martinique! It has a city, fabulous bays for anchoring and absolutely stunning scenery. Fort de France is a great town (or "city" by Caribbean standards). It's alive! Especially on a Saturday morning when street musicians add to the general lively atmosphere. The locals are fabulous, and even more friendly once they realize you are NOT French! - Same in Guadeloupe ....I wonder why.... The town comes to a standstill at midday for the weekend. Then the popular hang out is "la Galleria" a shopping centre outside the town which teems with shoppers and more local musicians- (an entire orchestra in fact ). .